Monday, October 18, 2010

This weeks challenge...

This week I have set myself the challenge to have no fizzy from today (Monday) until Friday night. This may not sound like much, however I drink A LOT of Sprite Zero, and as much as it is fat-free, sugar-free and points-free, I have a feeling it could still be contributing to my uber slow weight gain. So I'm gonna give it a go.

My weigh in last week was exactly the same as the previous week, hence the lack of posting. Not impressed, but then I had fish n chips in the weekend leading up to it, and a small BK meal the day before. So it serves me right really.

So besides that, I don't really have much to talk about. I think I might do a "Bucket List" since that seems to be the cool thing to do these days.

Oh yeah, and I have set up my other blog for when I start making my cool preggy mama and bubs (not preggy bubs that's just weird) clothes and accessories. Will advertise that page a bit more when I actually have something to show on there!!

The pretty roses are one of the roses on my plant, taken this morning and again tonight. I was amazed at how much it opened up in just 8 hours or so.

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