Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yay to my super healthy weekend!

So I am coming to the end of my 4 day "mini" detox. The main part of it was lots of veges, no fizzy, no chocolate, no icecream, NO BREAD!!!. And I have succeeded! Besides one glass of sprite zero last night, but that was better than opening the block of chocolate I was really wanting!
I still need to work on more water though. But my body is really liking this whole no bread thing, as I knew it would, so I am going to carry on a little longer. I will let myself have a glass of sprite zero with dinner, but still no icecream, chocolate or bread.

I am definitely feeling less bloated today, and I have still been having 3 meals a day and snacks. Not like this is a big diet revolution or anything, it's all common sense, but I haven't ever cut out bread for this long before, and my tummy is quite pleased I finally have.

Haven't weighed myself yet, figured I will leave that until Friday and see how I have gone over a whole week.

To the person who posted on my last weigh in post, and then deleted it before I could reply; NO I HAVEN'T TAKEN THIS WHOLE DIET OFF YOUR HTC DROPS WEBSITE. ARE YOU KIDDING? LOOK AT WHAT I WAS DOING - SIMPLE HEALTHY EATING!!! I haven't "stolen" your idea, or taken your pills. Ppffftt. Some people be craaaazyyyy!!

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  1. Good on you hun, sounds like your'e doing great, keep it up. My body doesn't miss the carbs at all lol, my tastebuds do from time to time though. But I'm aloud 2 pieces of bread a day which is probably a quarter of what I used to eat.


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