Friday, February 4, 2011

Fat Loss Friday - How did you go?

Sorry for the late post everyone, I went to Hamilton this morning and  although I weighed in, I didn't get a chance to post about it.

I think there is a problem with my Wii Fit board. Last week it said I had lost 1.6kg, this week first it said I had GAINED 1.6kg, then 5 minutes later it said I had lost 600g, then I tried again and had lost another 40g or so.

WTF?? So from now on I will use the electronic scales I have dug out of a wardrobe. I don't at all like the weight it says I am, but as long as it shows a loss next week, it's all good, huh?

If I was to go by how my clothes feel though, they are feeling looser than last week, so a good sign.

I have reposted some comments below from people who posted their weigh in details on last nights post. Have to say, go you, Sarah!!!

Chubby Buddys said...

4kgs in 2 weeks, but from now on I'll be weighing in every Friday. I do love the nurse at my drs clinic she's so lovely.

spanana13 said...

Hey! So how have you got on this week?? MY weigh day is tomorrow. Doubt it will be a loss for some reason. Haven't been bad, just don't feel like I have lost anything.....Must remember that I have lost 24kg and not get worked up over 100g! haha :) Good luck!!!


  1. Thanks Nikki, I'm just so glad that all my hard work and will power is paying off. Although I've no idea where the hell I found the will power this time.

  2. DEFINATELY lose those scales and get some digital ones :) More accurate!! :) Is the difference much?? Start again using those ones :) Next week will be awesome!! :) Briscoes have the or have had the ww digital scales on half price sale. I LOVE mine :) two of my friends got some after borrowing mine every week, and they love theirs too! :) You'l get them for about $40 on sale :) Hows the 'lifestyle change' going?? Was bread a big thing in your 'old' ways? I try and limit myself to 2 slices per if I have toast for breaky, I'l have a mountain bread wrap or cruskits for lunch.....I'l let you know how I go! Good or bad...... :)

  3. totally randowm question, but my blog is running a day late, the date with my posts is always a day behind I mean. How do I change this it's really bugging me lol.

  4. lol never mind I figured it out :)

  5. Haha well I do know the answer but only just got your messages now! Glad you got it sorted :)


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