Friday, February 11, 2011

De-Frumpy-Fying - First steps

Soooo. I posted last night about how I feel like a fat frump and am going to do something about it. Today I got started on this. Only basic (and free) stuff. But I felt a little better.

Shaved legs
Exfoliated (made me feel thinner)
Wore some nice (and non-child stained) clothes
Moisturised my face
Wore mascara

So all stuff that cost me absolutamente nada. But still. Helped a little. Then I went shopping with the D tornado on a hunt for a lil table and chairs for him and cool De-Frumping accessories for me. I bought nothing. Except a ball for D. And a purple walrus for my littlest pet shop collection that I have been wanting forever. Judge me not my bloggy friends. I started collecting at Xmas time when my mum saw how excited I got over them while picking out one for a friends daughter. And so it began. Aren't they cute? You'll notice the new Walrus is missing. I think Dex may have stolen him, packaging and all to some secret place only he knows about. So this whole part of my post was a wast of time.

But I got my cool scarf yesterday. The first of many I am hoping. It's actually dark purple and silver, but the light isn't great in the photo. It's like a giant scrunchie, no scarf tying required, just wrap it around a couple of times.

I'm not mad. I just look like that cos I need to get my eyebrows done so badly. That will be Monday!

Have a fantabulous weekend!

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  1. Love the scarf. Scarfs are great, I have a whole drawer full of them and ad to them regularly. I find that op shops are the best place to find them.
    So many people think I'm wierd cause I don't start my day without doing my makeup. Not full makeup or anything, just mascara and eyeliner and some days eye shadow. Makes me feel pretty no matter what I'm doing.


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