Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yay for cool, free, crafty goodies!

So I have been lucky enough to win a couple of cool freebies lately, which I am quite excited about. I don't normally win stuff, so two in a week is GREAT!

First up, I was a runner up in a Valentines Day competition on Rhiannons blog, Remarquable Junque. The picture is above. I was impressed enough with my runner up prize, so I would love to have seen the winners prize! There was a whole lot of chocolates in there. 3 hand made gift tags, a gorgeous bracelet in a cute little gift bag.

The other thing I won recently was a cute lil bookmark from Bronwyn over at 1001 Book Reviews, I am reading a book to review called The Forsyte Sage, which is 6 books in one, and over 1000 pages long. I am scared!! The photo isn't great, but that's a cute little pink flower on the top of the bookmark. 

Besides my freebies, I have been busy over at The Mummy Diaries, a page I have started up with Bonnie recently. Would love you to come over and check us out!


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  1. that's so cool. I won a few things lately too, I love getting goodies in the mail.


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