Thursday, February 10, 2011

On a mission to de-frumpy-fy myself!

So today I decided. I feel like a fat frumpy blob. Ok I have felt that way for quite awhile. But today I bought myself an AWESOME scarf for winter (not the practical warm kind, the cool, just for looks kind. )

So together with Kelly from Diary of my So Called Interesting Life, we have decided to De-Frumpy-Fy ourselves. We aren't going to go out and spend thousands or anything, just jazz up our accessories, keep my eyebrows tidy, make my nails pretty instead of just long and manky, dye my hair again so it's not all stripey etc. Maybe even get it cut!! Shock horror!!

So, yeah. Losing a couple of kgs (ok 25-30) wouldn't go astray. Am working on that one but once we start on our way to baby #2, that aint gonna be my biggest priority. At least when I'm pregnant I won't look like I'm just fat. Well, I'm hoping anyway!

I will keep you posted on my de-frumpy-fying!

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