Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Walking again...

Well it's been awhile, but after a month of sick husband, sick kids and sick me, everyone is finally almost well again, and after playing nurse mummy/wife while being sick myself, by the weekend just gone, I was in need of some "me" time. One of the most important things you can have, I am now well aware of.

So baby girl (who I have renamed lil Pixie, my nickname was Pickle as a kid, and well, her wee ears just make her look like a pixie) wasn't having a bar of this sleeping stuff, and so rather than go for a walk on my own as planned, we left the boys at home playing xbox, bundled lil Pixie up in the pram and put a cover over it, and off we went.
See? Cute wee pixie ears!
We walked and we walked. And for someone who lately has been pretty sore and completely unenthused about any kind of exercise, we were out for a good 2 hours!! My back was super sore the next day, and still is today, but hey, I got out, baby girl had a sleep, and we didn't get home til after dark!!
Florence and the Machine - Essential music for getting your walk on.

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