Friday, August 24, 2012

6 Week Challenge - Weigh in Day - SUCCESS!!!

I had my weigh and measure with Le today. I was  pretty nervous as the week hadn't gone completely as I planned but the results were surprisingly better than I expected!!

My hubby has been away all week and I have been home alone with a really sore throat and an almost 3 year old missing his daddy and a hideously grumpy, teething baby, so not a lot has happened on the exercise front.

3cm loss around boobs (This one is debatable as I had a sports bra on last week and a feeding bra today,    so we shall see next week on this one)

3cm loss around my waist (taken at belly button) - STOKED with this one!!
3cm loss around my hips (taken at top of hip bones
My butt stayed the same
And Upper thigh and arm both came down .5-1cm each also!

And down 1.1kg!!!!

So that brings me down to 88.8kg, which to some may not sound like a huge loss, but I have had a sticking point of 89.7kg and could NEVER get below it, so to get below 89 is great motivation for me.

Continue working on portion control. Currently I am ALWAYS hungry, which may be a side effect of some medication I am  on, so am trying to get past this and reduce the amount of food on my plate, or at least use vegies to fill up.
Get in more exercise! The aim is for 4 hours exercise over the week, which should be achievable if I make a good effort.

Wish me luck!! Back again soon with more updates. Hope you enjoy your weekend, looks like it should be nice and sunny.


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