Friday, August 17, 2012

The "Grumpy Fog" is lifting a little finally

** WARNING** A more personal than usual post lies ahead....

So for awhile now I've had my head in the sand a bit.
I didn't really notice, but I had gotten myself into this grumpy, overtired, completely unmotivated state. And it came on so gradually I really didn't think a lot of it.

But then we went through a spate of about 6 weeks of sick baby and toddler, sick hubby, immunisations, and eventually, after many sleepless nights, a sick me. And by that stage, I was pretty low, but I thought I was just over tired and still getting used to having a baby and a toddler. 
The foggy view from our lounge the other morning. Appropriate.
I won't go into the gory deets, but a few things have been sorted now and as a very quick and unexpected side effect, I'm happier. I am no longer sick and overtired, and neither are my kids or hubby. More sleep has been had. And suddenly, things just seem.... better. Nothing in particular around me has changed, but I am a lot happier, which in turn makes my kids and hubby happier.

I noticed myself that I wasn't flying off the handle as quick and I was more motivated to get stuff done. 
Practicing "Monster Face"
One day I cracked a joke about something and I thought after, I haven't really been cracking jokes in some time... but I hadn't noticed until I started again.

According to hubby, I am "much perkier" these days, and more like my old self.
Monster Pixie practicing her monster face

The kids are getting more attention during the day, as is the housework. 

I am even starting to think about what I am eating again, as well as starting to get back into exercising, which has been a long absence!
How could you be sad with these 2 around?
The other afternoon, my kids were sitting with me on the couch and being extra cute like they do so well, and I found myself loving them so much it made me cry (ok, I'm not a crier. I teared up a lot though) They got lots of cuddles. So yeah. Interesting how things can change without you noticing. I'm just glad that life is getting better again. Even if I hadn't noticed I wasn't "feeling it" so much before.

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