Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Come follow me on my 6 Week Challenge!

So I keep stopping and starting with my weight loss goals. I'm definitely finding it harder to stick to as a stay at home mum than when I was working and going to the gym!! Being at home with 2 small kids doesn't necessarily mean it's easy to exercise. In fact as I sit here typing this I have a 2 year old climbing all over me, wanting to "help" me, and a 7 month old yelling and squealing at me from the confines of her exersaucer, demanding she be set free. 

My 2 adorable yet
very distracting
Dexter (will be 3 in September) and Amber (7 months)

I also lack the discipline not to eat heaps of food. Actually, I should correct myself. I don't necessarily eat HEAPS of food. I just make the wrong choices, even though I know full well what choices I SHOULD be making.

Besides all that, my bigger issue is not that I don't want to exercise, but that everything hurts so much all the darned time, (something that is being worked on with my GP currently, fingers crossed for things to improve), and my incredible lack of energy. I know this will be largely improved by sorting out my diet and exercise, but again, it's something my GP is helping me sort. 

So this is where Le, from Form Health and Body Management comes in. I've known Le for ages, first as my Personal Trainer, then later as a good friend and colleague as well. We worked together in a gym for awhile, and in that time, we got my eating under control, so much so that I got to the much coveted "below 80kg's", and I stayed there for quite awhile. Then we both stopped working at that gym, I started working in a call centre, and my diet and exercise went back out the proverbial window. 

That was 2008. Since then I have spent 18 months sitting on my butt for work, eating lots of unhealthy food, had 2 kids, both via elective caesarean, had a few fairly major family things happen, been a stay at home mum for almost 3 years, and generally, ignored my respectable amount of knowledge in both diet and exercise. I am now hovering around 90kg.

Yesterday I caught up with Le, and we both agree that everyone needs to be held accountable to someone. So starting this Friday, I will be doing her 6 Week Challenge with her. We will be doing it from my house, with kids watching, with very  limited equipment. Just to show everyone (myself included) that it CAN be done.

I will post again on Friday about my first session, and the goals that we set together. I would love you to follow my posts, and if you would like to have a chat with Le about maybe getting started on one of her challenges, or to look at joining up with Form, give her a call on           021 543 804       


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