Monday, September 3, 2012

6 Week Challenge - Confessions of a terrible diet-related weekend

A bit of a long winded post here, so I will try to break it up a little with some photos.

I promised you I would share with you the not so good as well as the good things I encounter while doing this Challenge, and after the weekend I have just had, I have a confession to make. (Don't tell Le!!!)

We caught up on Friday, as I told you in my last post, and the weigh and measure went well but due to my sore neck, we didn't do any training.
Irrelevant to what I am writing about, but she's cute anyway
Since I am allowed a naughty meal (not naughty DAY) a week, we had our naughty meal Friday night, with the innocent expectation that we had nothing on that weekend that should conflict with my food.

Firstly, my neck was so sore that I ended up doing NO exercise (unless wandering around the Women's Expo counts, which I don't think it does), though I had intended on at least getting in some short easy walks.

Saturday wasn't too bad food wise, I lost a couple of "ticks" but all in all wasn't too bad. Then we made a last minute decision to hold a Fathers Day picnic for our 2 Dads, which involved me baking late at night on Saturday. I was up until 12.30am baking and stressing, then up a few times in the night with our bubba, then up early when both kids decided it was playtime. Carried on baking and decorating cupcakes etc. This is the finished product.
Carrot Cupcakes, Red Velvet Choc Chip Cookies, Coconut Chocolate
Brownie and Mint Chocolate Truffles.
So we ended up having 2 "picnics" indoors, as one lot of parents couldn't make it afterall in the morning. So I had 1 small carrot cupcake and a cup of tea with no sugar at morning tea time, then went off to the Women's Expo with some friends. While walking around, I realised that I was so hungry because that 1 carrot cupcake was ALL I had eaten all day.

Then I bought 3 packs of yummy fudge for $10. Without even a thought to the fact that I am doing the Challenge and for some reason, I have a feeling fudge is not on the menu. And neither of my friends who were with me remembered at the time either. Fudge was much more important.
The Fudge. Baileys, Maple Walnut, and Vanilla
I got home, had some more baking (a piece of brownie and one of my truffles this time), got tea in the oven, picked at the baking some more, hung out with my family, ate our dinner, ate another piece of brownie, then started reading some new blogs that are very weight loss inspirational, and it reminded me of my priorities.

Now it is Monday and has been pouring down all day, so won't be getting my walk in, but I have eaten well and have drunk heaps of water, so already doing better than Saturday or Sunday. But I also have realised a couple of things after this weekend and I wanted to share them with you:

1. I know they say it takes 21 days to break/make a habit. I have been going good for 2 weeks, but yesterday I still managed to buy that fudge without a moments hesitation, so I still have work to do.

2. In the same subject, I am still unable to bake and not eat it. I did give most of it away, but I ate a fair bit regardless.

3. Although I had a bad weekend, my attitude has shifted a bit. Normally once I fall of the wagon, I stay on the ground and don't get back on. But this time, I had a think last night and said to myself, no, I had a bad weekend, but Monday is another day, and I am going to climb back up on the wagon and get straight back into it.

4. I have decided I would like to enter the Taupo Half Marathon again next year. I haven't decided in what capacity yet, (walk,run-walk, or run), I will decide that later this year. All I know is I want to improve on my 2010 time, and I am giving myself a lot longer to train for it this time!!

Me, about to walk the Taupo Half Marathon in 2010
So that's enough waffle from me today I think!!


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