Friday, September 28, 2012

Post 6 Week Challenge - Learning to Live a Cleaner Lifestyle

The biggest change in the last 6 weeks has been my diet. By far, my diet.

There have still been plenty of times that I have made choices that I shouldn't have made, more exercise could have been done and so on. But to look at my/our families diet prior to this, there have been some big changes. 
So with that in mind, a big part of the Challenge was eating cleaner, more fruits, vegies, lean meats etc. Makes sense, and is pretty obvious. But what I was wanting to know more about what WHAT can I eat? There's only so much boiled kumara/pumpkin and salads one can eat before it gets a little monotonous. I need a little adventure in my diet sometimes. Hence how packet pasta snuck into our otherwise healthy dinner tonight.
Where I have stuck with the cleaner, healthier eating, my stomach really has thanked me for it. So tonight while Adam is playing Xbox and the kids are asleep, I am sitting here researching a whole lot of recipes. I do that anyway, it's just normally gorge-worthy baking, so this will be a welcome change!!
I have discovered Spinach Salads. LOVE!
So I will set up a tab especially for these recipes. Feel free to use them, comment/email me with your own for me to try and tell the world about them!!  

Happy Friday

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