Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Best Massage I've Ever Had! - Wayne Massage, Auckland

This is a very very long overdue post, in fact it was only when I went to Auckland this weekend and planned (but failed due to time restraints) to go back while I was there, that I realised I never posted about it last time!
Photo from Wayne Massage's Facebook Page
On the 1st June, my husband and I were wandering towards Britomart with our 2 kids, and there was a shop frontage that jumped out at us, called "Wayne Massage". Now you can see from the photo above, that their massages start at $5, so we were more than a little sceptical, and kept walking. Wayne himself was standing outside giving out flyers, and as we took one, he came around behind my husband and started massaging his shoulders. Hubby is not always easily impressed, yet it was so good that hubby immediately agreed to a massage for both of us, and in we went.
Photo from Wayne Massage's Facebook Page
I sat down first and got a 20 minute massage. The lady who massaged me started in the front of the shop in a chair, then moved me to one of the private rooms where I could lie down and she could massage my back shoulders and neck properly.

I won't lie. It did hurt. A lot. But it was that good hurt, the kind you can tell is really doing something for all those knots in your body. 

Photo from Wayne Massage's Facebook Page
We were both so impressed! After often paying $60 for a 1 hour massage and still not feeling like a lot has been accomplished, both of us walked out of there refreshed, loosened up and ready for a nap, and all for only $20 each! It was just a shame that we then had to drive home to Tauranga afterwards!!

We were so disappointed that we missed out on another massage this weekend, especially as I see they now have a second branch, in the Elliott Street Atrium, which was directly across the road from our Hotel. Never mind. We will most definitely be back!!

Photo from Wayne Massage's Facebook Page
You can find Wayne Massage on their Facebook Page:

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