Friday, September 14, 2012

6 Week Challenge - Scales still coming down, just a little slower

Hello, I'm back!

I didn't get to post last Friday about my results as I was in Auckland for a few days. (Hello Fashion Week, front row seats!), and since then I have been kept busy with planning a 3 year olds birthday cake and an incredibly upset teething little baby girl. But anyway,  the results weren't too fantastic, I had missed a fair bit of exercise with my neck being so sore, and to be honest, I made a couple of not wonderful food choices. But, the scales did come down, though only by 200g.
The grumpy girl in question. It's a clean nappy!
Now it's a week later, I weighed in this morning and I am down to 87.1kg, which really, I'm quite happy about. I had a big weekend in Auckland, and I mostly made good food choices, though by the photo below, you can see that they weren't ALL good choices! But, I did get in a huge amount of walking, a lot of the time with big hills,and pushing a double pram with 2 often sleeping kids in it.
My not so good food choice. Best fish burger EVER
I am catching up with Le this afternoon, and I am a little nervous about what she will think about my results, we had hoped I would be into the 86's last week, and this week I am still not, but after a sucessful Osteopath visit last night, I am hopeful my neck is going to start coming right and I can crack back into the exercise properly, and not just do short easy walks and limited resistance training. 

Fingers crossed next week see's an improved result!!


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  1. Well done Nikki! Keep on going! I envy you! I need to find me some motivation and will power! It really is hard work with 2 kids :)


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