Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Crafty To Do list for the next few months

My pile of crafty project goodness, some over 4 years old!

Those of you who know me are well aware that I am prone to starting projects and not finishing them. So over the last few weeks while sorting out our house and getting rid of heaps of stuff so we have room for an addition to our house at some point, I went through my copious amounts of "craft boxes" and wrote myself a list of projects that I really should finish before I crack into any new ones.
Dexter's Playgroup Scrapbook
Dexter's Birth - now (16months) scrapbook

      There are a few other projects besides the ones    pictured.

 * A necklace for my mum that I started for her last      birthday. Am aiming to complete that for her
 next birthday (just under a month away)

 * My own Memories Box, as well as one for Dexter

 *Wedding album (married 4 years this April)

 *Complete all the bibs I cut out months ago

Dexters' Baby Shower and First Birthday Cards, to be
made into a book for his
"Memories Box"

* Honeymoon and Wedding Album and Scrapbook (we have been Married 4 years this April, so want it done by then)

* Australia and Fiji Scrapbook (We went away 5 years ago this year, so a little overdue)

*Friends Scrapbook (lots of pics cut out but nothing more done since then)

* Get started on Dexter's Memory Box, I've kept his little birth card, wrist and ankle tags and birth notices to get that started.

* Dexters' "Words" book that I started for a Christmas present but didn't get it finished. It's really cool, lots of pictures of Animals, cars etc, and the sounds the all make.

So I have a fair bit to keep me busy! As I complete them I will upload photos to the "Crafty Goodness section of my page.


  1. Holy that list is like a full time job! ;)

  2. More than enough to keep you busy! I had a little giggle at yours and Dex's memory box.... mine and Lena's consists of a box which I chuck things in, no organisation or much effort on my behalf, lol.

  3. Haha yeah I know, Kyra. It is probably at the bottom of the to do list at the moment. Considering I don't even HAVE a box!


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