Monday, January 3, 2011

First Weigh In for 2011 - An unexpected sucess!!

So I just weighed in this morning for the first time for 2011.. Actually the first time in about 3 weeks, as I have been eating badly, not exercising and generally just staying away from the scales.

But I've lost half a kg!! I'm happy with that seeing as it was over the Xmas Period and chocolate has been my best buddy through all of it. So that brings me down to 86.8kg and that slightly below my weight when I got pregnant with Dex. So I'm very happy as surely that means the only weigh/way is down from here, right? Until #2 starts making an appearance and I go back to whaleness!!

We are off to the supermarket today and have promised each other we are to buy no chocolate, or general naughty stuff. We still have a bit here from gifts etc and have agreed to make it last as long as we can and not buy any more for some time. I'm actually hanging out for a nice big chicken salad with some nuts on it. Mmmmmmm.

Another beautiful day here in Tauranga, will have to make the most of it.

If you are trying to lose weight, have you braved the scales for 2011 yet? How did it go?

Talk to you again soon


  1. I don't have scales, so have been trying to keep track through measuring myself, but of course I forget every week. So I'm being sure to write it all down this year. Can't remember what the last measurements were, but feel like my tummy's expanding daily. So we're all about the salad here ...

  2. Hey!! Thats awesome Nikki!! :) Me, well I got on today and was up 2.9kg!! Eekk! :0 Back into it today tho. Iv had my fun! haha :) Going for my first walk tonight, so that should make the scales say nice things to me next week! :) Only way is down aye Nikki ;)

  3. @Ange - I wish I didn't have scales sometimes!!
    @Anna - I'm not so sure that the weigh in was a success, I jumped back on an hour later, with no new food or anything in my tummy and I was 3.5kg heavier. Dunno what is going on or which weight to go by so will try again tomorrow.
    Hope your walk was nice!


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