Wednesday, September 14, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 8 - Sunshine

Yes yes yes, I know I'm a little behind. You know why? Actually I have a couple of reasons. One is because I got so damned stuck on sunshine. We had weeks and weeks of constant sunshine, and I never took a photo, then the day before I got to Day 7, the weather packed up, and I really did want to use a new photo and it's been raining mostly since. So it's sunny right at this point in time so I raced outside and got as gooder picture as I could without blinding myself.

Excuse number 2 is that it is Dex's 2nd birthday on Friday, and so he has a HUGE party planned for Saturday and have been busy doing stuff for that.

Anyhoo, on with Day 7 and I will be back with Days 9 and 10 shortly.

Sun hiding behind the clouds 

Some of my succulent flowers in the garden outside lounge
And one other picture I took on Saturday, from the Tauranga Domain (when it was still sunny!)


  1. "As gooder picture" lol :-) I liked your clouds one from earlier in the week - I really should comment more and let you know!

  2. Yeah that was probably worded wrong! Ah well :)


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