Friday, September 9, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 5 - A Pet, past or present

So this is easy in terms of finding a photo to use. Not so easy is the fact that I have had sooo many pets, I just don't know where to start!

This is our cat, Mudd. I wanted a photo I took tonight, but the worlds laziest, most placid cat, decided to get up off the couch and follow me to get the camera, even though she had been asleep all night. She is about 8 weeks old in this pic, she will be 7years this Xmas and is the cruisiest cat ever, especially to have had to put up with a crazy miniature dachshund for 6 years and now a toddler who just wants to give "hugs"

Mudd's mum, Bella. We inherited Bella from a useless tenant we rented our house out to about 7 years ago. We came back from Australia to find that she had left behind 4 cats and refused to come get them. Bella still kind of lives with us, but shares herself between us and the neighbours. Sh'e about 7 or older, we don't know, except that she was still very young when we took her in.
Ahhh Odie. We got him from a breeder in Wellington at 8 weeks old and had him until he was 6, which was December last year. Unfortunately, he never adjusted to their being a baby in the house and could get quite nasty with him. It wasn't worth the risk and so we rehomed him to a nice couple at the end of last year. Still miss him heaps though :(

Odie and Mudd. They were the best of friends, although I must admit, Mudd is much happier and healthier without a dog smaller than her harrassing her 24/7!!

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