Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things I want to achieve for 2012

Having a baby could be considered a pretty damn good achievement already I think. But I'd like to think I can achieve a few other crafty/blog things. Here's my list I have been putting a whole lot of thought into.

In terms of Bloggy Stuff...

1. Update The Undercover Bloggers so that it is all fresh and new and people want to get back into contributing to it. For now it is just sitting there and every few months someone puts a post up. Need to fix that!!

2. Update the NZWAHP's Showcase Blog so the directory is all current and useable. Am half way through this but need to complete it and liven it.

3. Get The Mummy Diaries up and flowing again. I co write this with Bonnie from The Baby Bump, and we both had to stop for awhile since life took over, but we are keen to get it up and cranking again.

4. Liven my crafty Facebook page once there is more stuff on there to sell (more on that below)

I have a few blogs on the go huh?

For the Crafty stuff... this is a biggie

5. Get enough stuff made up to start going to markets/selling online in the hope that people will like said stuff and want to buy it! So far I have narrowed down the many many things I want to make to just a few that I hope to make really well, and am in the process of re-setting up my crafty corner, which my hubby packed up on my behalf while I was pregnant with Amber, as we were planning on putting the house on the market once she was born. So now I am unpacking it and setting it up the way I want it. Will do another post soon with more on this.

For Personal Life stuff..

6. Carry on with my weight loss. Am 4kg lighter than when I got pregnant with Amber. My goal is to be at 75kg by my birthday, which, while it is still ages away, it is getting closer all the time and my weight loss seems to have stopped for the time being. Because of all the rubbish I keep eating. I am under no illusions of this, and hold myself completely responsible!! No excuses, it is what it is.

To be honest, I could go on and on about my goals, but you don't have all day and I will never acheive them if I spend all day writing about what they are!! So let's leave it at that for now :)

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