Friday, April 27, 2012

Weigh in Friday - Oh, hello.. It's me again.

Amber at 13 weeks. She's now 15 weeks but I love this picture
Well, my scales and I are back. I don't want you to think i haven't been weighing in, because I have. There's just been no weight loss to speak of. In fact, there was weight GAIN. EW.
Dex and I at Pilot Bay, he was sad cos Daddy had
gone off in the Kayak and left him.

But back on track now and scales are heading back down again YAY. I'd love to say going back on the (breasfteeding friendly) pill was to blame, as last time I was on it I gained 10kg in 3 months with no other explanation (oh and I went pretty crazy too), and that is actually a big part of the weight I am trying to lose now!!. But alas, no. I can't blame the pill this time around as my diet was atrocious this last few weeks.

So, back down to 89.7kg. My aim for next week is to be in the 88's. That will make me happy, since it's coming off so slowly.
My cute kiddies. Love em!
Looking at my birthday goal of 75kg I have lose lose .5kg a week. Which as I have said so many times, is very achievable. It just requires me to stick with it of course. But now it is cooler, my broken toe is finally back on the mend after hurting it again, and baby A is much more in a regular routine with her feeds.

But look! hubby bought a Kayak this week and this gives us another fun outlet for exercise, we had a great time, just hope we get to go out quite often.

It's our wedding anniversary tomorrow and we got given a huge leg of lamb from the in-laws as a congrats, cannot WAIT for that, even though I am well aware it isn't so great for the weight loss!
Me and my gals. Can't believe it's been 5 years already!!

Hope you have a great weekend.

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