Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY birdfeeder

The finished product. Doesn't look as pretty as the one
that I saw, but hey, it serves it's purpose!
So I found this on Pinterest, and thought it looked like something fun for D and I to make, so I got all the bits and pieces together and away we went!
You need:
1 enthusiastic "helper"
A 1.5l soft drink bottle
2 dowling rods for perches (I used 2 hot dog sticks)
Something to pierce holes in the bottle (I used my sewing awl)
Bird feed (I got vita pet wild bird seed, $2.75 at New World) 
You might also see the bike rack hook. This is only because we have no trees with reachable branches at our house, and I can't reach the top of the archway in the garden, so I only used this to hang it over and hook over archway.
Make sure you keep any helpers away from the sharp objects.
He was like a moth to the flame...
 Pierce 4 holes around bottom of the bottle. These need to be in line so that you can thread the rods/hot dog sticks through the holes. These will serve as perches for the birds to sit on.

Then you want to pierce corresponding holes slightly above where the perches will be. This is where the seed will be accessible for the birds. I made them approx 3cm above the holes.

Pierce 2 holes at other end of bottle to thread the string through. This is where I got incredibly frustrated and my helper got incredibly bored. Couldn't get the thread through the opposite hole. Made the holes bigger and this made it easier!!
Cat thought if she helped she might get to enjoy the fruits of our labours.
 Tie string to the bottle, insert "perches" and you are ready to fill it with bird seed!

Here's an idea, if you want to fill in 10 minutes or so, tell your helper that they need to put the bird seed in by hand. Takes FOREVER!!!

Once you have a bit of seed in there, (I only half filled it) quickly flip it up the way it will hang from the tree, and hang it up. 

Et voila~! One finished bird feeder.
 Now you just need to wait for the birds to come and find it!
And wait some more...

Ok so at this point, I am yet to see any birds feed out of it, but the cat won't go away, so that is probably half the problem. Now it is raining and the feed is probably getting soggy through the holes... 

Ah well. We had fun making it!!

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