Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Big decisions and other musings

Hmmm. Hello.

Long post ahead, sorry folks!

I have been in a bit of a funk recently, all woe-is-me like, hence my lack of posts for a few weeks. I don't generally like to post in a negative way, as that's not what this blog is intended for, I try to only post positive things where I can.

So. Lots of thinking has been done in the midst of raising 2 kids, being a housewife, looking after a hungry 4 month old, toilet training a 2.5 year old, sick in laws and various other dramas.  In fact, possibly too much thinking which could be where I'm going wrong. Once your head goes into hyper drive and all these ideas and thoughts whizzing around, you don't get a whole lot of down time do you?

I have been thinking (ever since I left work to have my boy, almost 3 years ago) about what sort of business I could set up, one that lets me work from home until our kids are at school. Now I did say already, I have lots of ideas, and I am toying with 2 in particular, both involve passions of mine, and both COULD work. 

One will take a lot of time, most likely for not a lot of money, BUT I would have heaps of fun and get to unleash creative-me. 

The other, is something I studied for, worked towards for a few years, and would take up less time, and has potential to be very good, and could be expanded on with other services, and more hours once the kids are in school. Its just a lack of confidence in myself that is holding me back. That and I need to work on me before I can help others.

So after a couple of decent sized meltdowns in the last week, and lots of over emotional-ness, I have decided this:

1. Play around with option number 1, just a bit, making gifts for others etc, and see how much talent I really have with the things I want to make. 

2. Work on a business plan for option #2, and work on me a bit while I'm at it. I can't help others if I can't help myself. Get as much advice as I can, and once business plan is done, it will be closer to when my boy goes into 20 hours a week child care (September) so will have a small amount more free time then (around my wee girl) 

3. Try and relax a bit and just enjoy being a mama. They don't stay little forever, or so I'm told.


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