Friday, June 8, 2012

Sort ya sh*t out woman!!


Yeah. Hi.
My beautiful wee princess
I posted a couple of weeks back that I had been in a wee spot of funk-diddly. Feel like I'm not so much there any more which can only be a good thing, am feeling a lot more positive about a lot of things bar one.
In my defence, this was actually taken in the middle of summer!
My freakin eating habits are, in a word, CRAP.

Way back last year when I was still co-writing The Mummy Diaries, (it's still there, just not really happening currently), I wrote a piece on Emotional Eating. (You can see it here.) It's something I have struggled with since I was young. I don't and never have had an Eating Disorder, but throw a bad day my way? Any slightly naughty food will be gone in seconds. And then the guilt..... oooooh the guilt.
Uh oh mama's been on a bake it and eat it mission!
I did actually get past this once, I went probably 6 months, my eating was FANTASTIC. I worked out my triggers, learned to avoid them, and things were hunky dory. So I know what I need to do, I know how to do it. Now I need to do it. I'm even a qualified Fitness Instructor and Weight Loss Coach (and almost qualified Personal Trainer), did I tell you that? So yes, I KNOW what to do. Easy to tell others how to do it, but looks more believable when you are doing it yourself.
My super tasty brownie the other night while out for a
friend's birthday.
I mentioned in my last post that I have some things I am working on. Well, I am still working on them, am in the throes of a Business Plan, and a whole lotta thinking. Possibly more than I should be doing with 2 small kids and a house that never seems to be tidy, but hey, maybe I work better under pressure. Looks like I should be starting a Massage Course in February next year, just at night school so it works around hubby and the kids, but I am SO excited. Hope I do get to do it, it's something I have wanted to do for a few years now, and it will work in very well with what I want to get up and running as soon as I have myself back on track.
My boy is growing up!!
But back to the food. It seems now, that regardless of whether I have had a bad day or not, I am now purely in the HABIT of eating rubbish food. There's absolutely no need to, there is usually something out ready for tea, or something in the cupboard that would make a completely acceptable lunch, but I still eat something I shouldn't. Argh. But yes, it seems a habit. I have been making an effort to not buy chocolate, chips etc at the supermarket, but then 8.30 rolls around, kids are in bed, we look at each other and wonder "what's for pudding?", even though the night before we have stated that we are not going to have pudding any more. But Maccas drive thru is just up the road, and open 24 hours, and the supermarket and BK are just over the road also. Like I say. It's now a habit. And one that is costing us money. Money we shouldn't be spending.
Little Miss Big Eyes
So. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit. So, 28 June is 21 days away. I know I am going out for dinner next Thursday, and part of the whole point of that is to try a new cheesecake (although really we are going out with friends we haven't seen in 5 years), so I know I will be having dessert that night. But besides that, I am going to aim to have NO cake, chocolate or icecream for 21 days. A VERY big ask. One I know I am going to struggle with. But currently, this is my biggest downfall. That and the $10 Butter Chicken lunch special we often cave to in the weekends. But for now, the sweet stuff is my tasty nemesis and it has to go.

On that note, happy POSITIVE Friday. Have a good weekend and wish my luck on my no chocolate and icecream adventures!


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  1. Good luck!!
    Sweet things are my downfall too, and when there are four dairies within a two minute walk...well, even my heavily pregnant self can waddle that far!


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