Saturday, October 20, 2012

My big walk up The Mount today

It's been about 4 years or more since I last walked up Mount Maunganui, and a friend mentioned some time back that it had been 15 years since she last walked up. We decided that we needed to fix that, so set a date to head on up.

After a few false starts, what with very little walking being done lately, tummy bugs in both families and a neck injury on my part, we finally got to do our walk today!

It was with great dread that we drove to The Mount, both joking about dying, leaving our funeral instructions with someone etc. We were also very excited about the Copenhagen Cone's we were going to treat ourselves to when we got back to the bottom.

It went so much better than either of us expected, neither of us died and we even felt energetic enough to skip/jump occasionally on the way back down.

Here is our journey in pictures:


  1. Well done!
    I was looking forward to seeing a picture of the ice cream too :-D

  2. Yeah.... I ate it then remembered I was meant to take a photo!


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