Friday, January 27, 2012

My First days as a mum of two - Day 2

So where did I leave off last time... oh yeah, it was about 6am the day after my C-Section and had a rude overworked nurse that night....have put off doing this day a bit, it was a hideous day and not one I like to rethink!!

So I rested a little through the morning and although I hadn't slept (just a little dozing) all night, I didn't really feel too bad, although the pain was amping up a fair bit, more than it had by this stage last time, but I put it down to having already had one so it was bound to hurt more (scar tissue and all that) As well as I had been warned the after pains are much worse the second time round. Yes they sure are!

I had a lovely nurse/midwife for the day shift, I also had her last time I was in so was very pleased to see I had her again. She informed me that my morphine that I had been given in my Spinal Block was a 12 hour dose (ie, would have worn off by 1.30 that morning) but they could not find my drug chart, hence why I had not been given anything except panadol since I came out of surgery. This explained the pain!!! Panadol just don't cut it after major abdominal surgery. She proceeded to spend a fair amount of time ringing around trying to find an "available" member of the pain team to either find my chart or write up a new one....

Still nothing was resolved by the end of her shift (3.30ish) and I still had nothing but panadol and was by then over tired and SO SORE!! This in turn was rubbing off on Amber, and she was getting more and more worked up, not feeding properly, not sleeping, and so of course, making me more and more upset.

The next nurse that came on after this was another I had last time and she was DISGUSTED that nothing had been sorted, and so wrote up a prescription herself, changing what they had said I should have to something stronger, as she wanted me up and out of bed that day, and no way was that gonna happen at that point. (I should have been up and showered that morning). So finally first part of drugs was sorted, had them, waited awhile for the other part of the cocktail she had written up for me, and by then Amber was so worked up and I was frazzled and upset at not having gotten out of bed for over 24 hours.

Mum, hubby and Dex came to visit just before tea time, and Amber still was crying almost non stop. Nurses had taken her out of my room to try calm her but no way was that happening. In the end my no-nonsense nurse expressed off me and gave it to her with a syringe, then pushed her bed into a corner, wrapped her up tight and said to leave her to cry, which goes against everything I believe in as a mum!!

This wasn't working, Amber was screaming, Dex was banging his head on a window wanting to go play and my tea was horrible, just to top it off. In the end, I burst into tears and just couldn't stop. Mum went to Amber, patted her for a few seconds and she just stopped crying and fell asleep. Go the magic power of nannas!!

Adam and Dex came to me and gave me lots of cuddles, I even got Dex to get up on bed with me as I missed my Dexter cuddles so much and I started to calm down.

They left for a bit so I could rest and Adam was coming back to help me have my first shower once he had taken them both home. Amber slept for a good 2.5hours solid and I managed to doze a little as well and by the time Adam came back, I was a lot calmer and ready to attempt getting out of bed.

I remembered very clearly what it felt like the last time round when I had my first walk from bed to bathroom. It feels like your insides are going to fall out!!! It is a hideous feeling and by the time you get to bathroom you are way too tired for a shower.

My lovely husband showered me, while I just hung off the shower rail. We did the same thing last time. I'm sure it's not every man's idea of a good time, but he did it, he even shampooed and conditioned my hair for me!!

Once I was showered and dressed (knocking one of drips out of my hand in process and spilling blood EVERYWHERE), I walked to a chair and had my first go at feeding Amber properly and unassisted since she was born. This combined with the shower and I was a new person. Amazing how the little things like being able to leave your bed and look after your new baby for yourself and make things so much better.

I actually got a few hours sleep this night, and didn't need to push the bell for help once, which again helped enormously with my frame of mind!!

Stay tuned for day 3. Amber is now 2 weeks old and am getting into being at home alone with 2 kids now that hubby is back at work, so taking a little longer than planned to do these posts!!


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