Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Don't you hate it when..... (preggy moment)

Whilst at work, the preggy desire for a giant choc chippy biscuit on your break kicks in, so you waddle (oh yes, I'm a big waddler tonight) up to the vending machine.

You stand there for ages deciding what you want. (A giant chocolate chip biscuit REMEMEBER???), put your money in the slot, pick your bickie and bend over to collect your tasty treat.


Your hand gets stuck in the bit the biscuit comes out of (dunno what it's called, but it closed on my hand and it HURT)
The offending vending machine

Now, a non pregnant person would just use their free hand to re-open the slot and get bikkie and hand out. But no. My big braxton-hix-y tummy cramps up at the worst of times, and I can't move.

Eventually I get my hand and biscuit out, and slink back to my desk. It was a good cookie though. I'm just glad that I work nights and no one was there to see me!!
So now I have a rather sore hand, but a happy tummy. Tell me something similarly stupid has happened to you before? Please make me feel better!

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