Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back into "life and other projects" after a week away

Hi Bloggy Family!

Cutie pies Dex and Adam
I have just had a week away in Wellington with my lovely hubby and my cute (if not currently in the throes of toddlerdom) wee man, Dex. Prior to going away I was getting pretty stressed out and worked up, and over the stupidest little things. 
The Desert Road
So I have decided on a couple of initial things that I want to change. There is more than a couple, but it will be a long post so I will spread it out over a couple of posts.

My wardrobe, mid clearout
I have waaaay too many belongings. Items. Stuff. Before leaving I had been reading up on minimalism. Now any one who knows me would agree that the thought of me downsizing all my stuff to a "minimalist" level, is pretty damned hilarious. We are a 3 person family with a 3 bedroom plus garage house, and we are still bursting at the seams. 

Solution:  Even if I am the worlds most unlikely minimalist, that's not to say that I can't get rid of a whole heap of stuff. I had started before we went away but now it's time to get ruthless.
The beginnings of "Crafty Corner"
Problem: Housework. Many of you who are Stay at Home Mums, or work part time like me, will agree that although you in theory have a whole day to do the housework, this is not the case. I have struggled with getting everything done since Dex was born. I go out too often, I spend too much time on the internet, and some days, Dex is having a bad day and I just won't be getting anything done. Then the Mother in Law came to look after Dex for 3 hours while I went to work. I came home and she had done the dishes, swept and mopped the floor, cleaned the bathroom top to bottom, cleaned the stove top and done the dishes. When I said I struggle to even get the dishes and washing done some days, I was told that it is easy, just give Dex a cloth and he will help. Maybe when he has nanna/daddy to play with which is a novelty. Not so much when it's mummy, who he sees all day every day. So my response was to cry. After she left. But still, as nice as it was to have a clean house, it made me feel INCREDIBLY INADEQUATE. 

Solution: Continue as I had started before our holiday, turning off the computer more so I am not tempted to sit down and waste away my morning facebooking, blogging etc. Revise the routine now that I have new work hours and stick to the routine! Go out less.

My first attempt at a tutu, made for Miss A
Problem: My goal I had set at the start of this year to complete 2 of my crafty projects each month this year. So far I have completed 3 projects in total. So a bit of catching up to do there.

Solution: I am in the process of setting up "Crafty Corner" in the laundry corner of our shed. Hubby has his man cave in the garage also, so it will be a shared space. This is a space that is further away from Dex's bedroom and so will be easier for me to work on crafty stuff/blog stuff when he is in bed at night, rather than wasting hours just watching tv.

So that is my first 3 problems and their solutions. There are more, but this is already a long post so will leave it  for next time.

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