Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Little Miss Ray of Happiness is one year old this Friday!!
Hello, hello, it's me. Yes, I know, it's been awhile.
Oh yeah, I met Batman
There has been so much going on in our house lately that blogging got put to the side for a bit. But I am back now and will hopefully be a bit more regular with my posting again.

Christmas was great here, the kids got overly spoiled as always, Christmas lunch was at our place. So much easier than traipsing around seeing everyone seperately.
Loving my first Christmas!!
Recently I took on a challenge (with myself) of going to a Market Day and selling my tutus. This involves having to make a whole lot beforehand, as there is not a lot of point going to a market with nothing to sell!! I also have some jewellery to sell as well. Market is on 2 February so I am a busy girl!! Good thing I like to be busy.
We went on a holiday to Coromandel over New Years. Nowhere even close to relaxing really. Was great to get away and do something other than the normal daily grind of housework housework, groceries, more housework, but with a busy 3 year old and an almost walking almost 1 year old, it was a busy few days!!!

I have set up a group on Facebook for ladies looking to lose weight and wanting a support network to help keep them going. We are almost up to 40 members already, I have set it to secret, so no one can see who is a member or what we are talking about. If you would like to join, pop a comment below this post and I will add you. It's a great bunch of ladies, and we are only a week into our journey, so feel free to join us!

That's enough of an update for now, hope you all had a great Festive Season!!

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