Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Getting back into blogging!

So myself and 2 good friends ( Kiwi Kellz and Stefany ) felt that our blogging updates were severely lacking. We needed something to get us back into the land of blog.

We have seen many other challenges like this and thought we would come up with our own one. So. Starting on Monday we will each post a photo a day with a quick blurb about it, in the hopes we will get back into it.

Wanna join us? The photo topics are below, feel free to put links to your posts on the bottom of our ones if you want to join in, the more the merrier!!!

I'm currently saving up to buy myself a new, fan-dangle camera for my 30th in October, so may very well do this again, but we thought it would be a fun way to get some bloggy inspiration back.


DAY 1 - You with someone you love
DAY 2 - Your favourite place
DAY 3 - A creative project
DAY 4 -  Black & white
DAY 5 - A Pet (past or present)
DAY 6 - Clouds
DAY 7 - Flowers
DAY 8 - Sunshine
DAY 9 - You with some of your favourite things
DAY 10 - A nice view
DAY 11 - Water
DAY 12 - Wheels
DAY 13 - Your favourite colour
DAY 14 - A hobby of yours
DAY 15 - Before & After
DAY 16 - Childhood Memory
DAY 17 - Sand
DAY 18 - Grass
DAY 19 - Happiness
DAY 20 - Your hometown
DAY 21 - Your letterbox
DAY 22 - Close up
DAY 23 - Something random/quirky
DAY 24 - Favourite food or favourite recipe
DAY 25 - Your latest purchase
DAY 26 - The shoes you have on today
DAY 27 - Eyes
DAY 28 - Todays outfit (yours or the kids)
DAY 29 - A Parent/Grandparent
DAY 30 - A self portrait


  1. Awesome :) Very similar to the one you posted before that you were going to do

  2. Yeah, posted that yesterday and deleted once I realised they were a bit too photographer related and I only have a cheapy camera. This a bit more "non photographer" friendly :)


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